"Educating Today for a Better Tomorrow"

About Us

Savoy-Nicholas Outreach Services, Inc.
(SNORS) is 501 (3) C non-profit organization which started in June 2003. The company was started by Founder and Executive Director, Mary Savoy. Her concern is to help educate and mentor individuals creating avenues for dreams to come true. Most individuals have dreams and need a little help to make them come true.  She believes “Educating" individuals young and old will provide a positive outcome for families and communities. 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals and families through educating and mentoring. 

Staff Members

President -  Lo  Keitha Toliver

Vice- President  - Lisa Hudson

Secretary    Gloria Kelley

Executive Director and Founder  - Mary Savoy 

All staff members and community volunteers aspire to “Making A Difference in People Lives”.
President's Inspiration

Lo Keitha’s inspiration for the company is the idea of “Educating Today For A Better Tomorrow”. This idea has become the focus for all staff and volunteers.

We Are Your Source for Relief
Christian Counseling Education   Drug Counseling

Contact Us:
525 N. Sam Houston Parkway E. 
Suite 416
Houston, TX  77060
Office: 281-448-6800
Fax:  281-667-3281
Email: savoy_nicholasors@prodigy.net


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