Program Descriptions


Adult Basic Education (ABE)  
The ABE class is designed to assist the client with the basic educational skills that will help him/her function in society. The client is not required by state law to be enrolled in a secondary school. The client does not have a high school diploma, and may need assistance with reading, writing, and possibly mastering the English language.

Parenting Today Are You Ready?

The perfect parent has yet to be found. Parenting today is designed to help parents with the love, guidance, and understanding required as they venture in the domain of being a parent. The job has many hats such as: teacher, counselor, caregiver, disciplinarian, and many more depending on the age of the child. Parent education is designed to provide age appropriate care for your child.  Parent education also addresses the need for the parent (s) to be healthy in mind, soul, and body. 

E.S.L./C.I.V.I.C.S. Classes

These classes are designed to prepare the student with learning basic English. This education is in the form of reading, writing, and understanding English which will prepare the student with the skills needed for U.S. citizenship.

Financial Literacy     

Financial Literacy classes addresses issues such as budgeting, bank accounts, credit cards, financial planning, and other financial issues.

Tutoring for Adults & Children

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