Program Descriptions

Family Intervention

Anger Management and Conflict Resolution

Anger Management and Conflict Resolution classes are designed to help participants identify healthy anger vs. destructive anger. Anger in itself is a good emotion to bring about change. However uncontrolled anger may lead to conflict and confusion. The class helps participants identify signs and symptoms of uncontrolled anger.


The objective of Anger Management and Conflict Resolution classes are: to identify uncontrolled anger, understand the consequences associated with uncontrolled anger, understand techniques for conflict resolution which will enhance the quality of life for child and adult participants.


The curriculum includes lecture, videos, and hands on material reflecting "Right Choices and Tough Choices".   Additional classes are available upon request. 

Behavior Works Modification 
(Peer Pressure, Bullying, and Social Interaction )

Behavior Modification class addresses issues that are identified by the client. Each case may be different and will be treated as such. Group sessions will also be held to help with certain behaviors identified by the client.  Additional classes are available as requested by the client.




The objective of  these classes are to address basic life skills, effective communication, making right choices, touch choices, consequences associated with our choices, and surviving peer pressure. This class also gives information pertaining to sex, STD’s, and drugs depending on age of participant.
The curriculum includes lectures, videos, and handouts.

Child and Adult Mentoring

Mentors are available to guide, motivate, and encourage both youth and adults toward becoming successful in their endeavors.  Mentors offer assistance in the areas of making right choices, as well as guiding persons in the right direction when personal choices could cause harm - physically, mentally, and/or emotionally.  This service is for both adults and children.

Goal Setting

Goal Setting classes address individual goals and family goals. There is no real time limit set for these type classes. The goal can be weight lost, exercise, and time management with family or for one self. The list is endless but taking action by seeking assistance with the planning and nurturing is an essential step.



The objective of this class is to assist individuals in setting and obtaining realistic goals. This will enhance the client’s self-esteem and motive the client to aspire to positive endeavors.



Parenting Education

Parenting Ed. classes address topics such as: Shaken Baby Syndrome, Sudden Death Syndrome, Discipline vs. Guidance, Parent and Child Communication, Help I Have A Teenager, Anger Management, Stress Management, Building Your Child's Self-Esteem, Goal Setting for Parents, Children, and the Family. Parents also receive information on child abuse and child development.   


The curriculum includes lecture, videos, and hands on material.  


The objective of  Parenting Ed. classes are to enhance and/or create better parenting skills for the parent. We teach on the notion that there is no perfect parent; and we are all parents in training. Parenting is doable and rewarding when the parent is  healthy in mind, body, soul, and spirit. Parenting should create an atmosphere of assurance, safety, and commitment for their children. Our parenting classes are client based meaning we can structure a class according to recommendations from CPS, Probation, Parole, or other entities We also offer a one day class for those that qualify for the one day class. 

Individual or Group Counseling (Education) 

The objective of the counseling educational classes are to assist the client in specific areas of concern they have identified, promote personal development, enhance coping skills, time management, and stress management. Other objectives will be defined as the client interacts with the staff member or agency. 

The curriculum includes lectures, videos, and hand outs.

 Referrals to psychologist, psychiatrist, and/or medical professionals may be recommended; if the SNORS staff believe the services needed are outside of the scope of practice of SNORS staff. The client's well-being is always our focus. 

Time Management and Stress Management

This class is offered to assist individuals (teens or adults) with time management and stress management.


The curriculum includes lectures, videos, and handouts.

The objective of this class is to identify issues for maximizing time which will decrease most stress and allow individuals to concentrate and complete other aspirations or endeavors.

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